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The Sports Service aims to promote and facilitate sports practice in the university community, with the free use of sports facilities, instructor-based activities, training and competition, a sport/study balance, according to the University of Alicante's sports policy. Thus, it also fosters individual and collective adapted sports. 

The "Adapted Diving" programme is one of our flagship activities. In the 2015/2016 academic year, it will be open to all UA community members with disabilities. With this initiative, we want to introduce diving to people with disabilities, who have the chance to gain water skills, give a try to scuba diving, and learn more about marine ecosystems and the species in our seas. 

We take part in GoalBall competitions. GoalBall is at the moment a sport promoted by the Regional University Sports Championships (CADU). It is the sole paralympic sport specifically devised for blind and visually impaired people, with two three-player teams. It is based mainly on hearing to detect the trajectory of the ball (which has bells in the inside), and it also requires a great spatial ability to be in the right place at the right time, intercept or throw the ball with your hands and score. In the 2014/2015 academic year, the UA's women's team ended up second and the men's team were the champions.

We work together with the Student Support Centre (CAE) to increase the number of physical activities on offer for people with disabilities at our University. Please contact Mr José Antonio Rodríguez, Technician of the University Sports Programme, for further information and queries.

Besides, we are part of a research effort coordinated by the University of Valencia (UVEG) and with the participation of the Valencia Region's public universities. This research aims to provide an accurate outlook on students with disabilities before they enter university. 

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