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Mountain group

The University of Alicante, aiming to promote all sorts of physical activities and sports, has created the mountain group for all UA members with an interest in nature and mountaineering.

This group is intended to promote all forms of mountain sports and organise outings, routes and hikes in middle mountain and high mountain areas.

Besides, it provides a platform for general information on and promotion of mountain sports, based on environmental respect and awareness, with a focus on safety, physical and technical training, and knowledge of the environment and the resources needed.

This is a chance to make our geography and our environmental and sociocultural heritage known, and also for mountain lovers to enjoy their favourite sport and plant the UA flag on the highest summits.

The environmental and weather conditions in this sport are rather unusual, so you will be informed of all requirements whenever a new activity is scheduled (trails, hikes of more than one day in middle mountain areas, climbing, alpinism, high mountains, canyoning, etc.).

To join us, please complete this APPLICATION FORM (UA members only)




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