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SPORTS AREA LOCATION (building 0001)


Swimming pool
Indoor and heated. 25 x 12 m and 6 lanes. From 2.00 to 2.10 m deep. Perimeter overflow. Over 10 m high. Recreational swimming, swimming, diving, first aid and rescue and other courses.
Heated swimming pool
Piscina climatizada


Synthetic material, 33 x 13 m, 3.5 m high. Bodybuilding exercises with equipment of every kind (weight-lifting machines, bicycles, treadmills, etc). Instructors: Beatriz Del Moral, José Ardid, Paula Ferre, Jorge Pérez
Gimnasio general
Main court
Synthetic material, 50 x 30 m. Over 10 m high. Five-a-side football, handball, basketball (2 courts), volleyball (2 courts) and floor hockey
Sports court
Pista polideportiva


Hardwood floor, soundproof, 26 x 13 m, 3.5 m high. Aerobics, latin dances, body mix, Pilates, tai chi, yoga...
Aerobics room


Hardwood floor, 26 x 13 m, 5 to 8 m high, tatami 8 x 8 m. Aikido, judo, karate, kung fu, taekwondo, tai chi... and fencing
Martial arts and fencing room
Sala artes marciales y esgrima


Blue room
Synthetic material, 12 x 17 m, 3.5 m high. Indoor cycling, kendo, Pilates...
Blue room
Sala azul


4 courts with hardwood floor, 10 x 6.5 m, and from 5 to 8 m high
Squash courts
Pistas de squash


Spa area
Jacuzzi, hot-to-cold shower, foot bath, steam room and Finnish sauna
Spa area
Zona SPA


Rock climbing wall
Rock climbing. 3 overhung boulder panels with different inclinations, climbing hold and campus area. 6 climbing routes, 2 of which with ceiling holds and final overhang
Rock climbing wall


Table tennis
Room with 3 tables
Table tennis
Tenis de mesa


Teams' gym
Synthetic material, 15 x 10 m, 3.5 m high. Bodybuilding exercises, physical preparation of UA teams
Teams' gym
Gimnasio equipos


Changing rooms
12 changing rooms: 8 are 41.60 m2 and 4 are 20.80 m2. 6 toilets for spectators, which are 19.22 m2
Changing rooms



Football / Rugby
Artificial turf, 120 x 65 m, with lighting. 1 eleven-man football / rugby pitch, or 2 eight-man football pitches
Football / rugby pitch


Artificial turf, 90 x 55 m, with lighting
Hockey pitch
Campo de hockey


Semi-covered pitch
Synthetic material, 44 x 22 m, with lighting. Futsal, basketball, handball and floor hockey
Semi-covered sports pitch
Pista semicubierta


3 artificial turf courts, 20 x 10 m, with lighting
Paddle courts


Tennis 1 and 2
2 polished concrete courts, 18 x 36 m, with lighting
Tennis courts 1 and 2
Pistas de tenis 1 y 2


Tennis 3
1 synthetic material court, 18 x 36 m, with lighting
Tennis court 3
Pista de tenis 3


Synthetic material, 400 m and 8 lanes, with lighting
Athletics track
Pista de atletismo


Synthetic material, 16 x 32 m, with lighting
Basketball court
Pista de baloncesto


Beach volleyball
Silica sand, 24 x 12 m, with lighting
Beach volleyball court


Natural circuit
Sand path about 700 m long and exercise equipment
Natural circuit
Circuito natural

In the "Illustrated Forest"

Changing rooms (semi-covered pitch)
16 changing rooms: 6 are 52.50 m2, 4 are 120.00 m2, 4 are 12.50 m2 and 2 are 6.55 m2 (disabled)
Changing rooms (semi-covered pitch)
Vestuarios semicubierta


External changing rooms
3 are 80 m2, for athletes, and 1 are 15 m2, for referees and instructors
External changing rooms
Vestuarios exteriores



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