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FAQs on the COVID-19 pandemic

This page is constantly updated and aims to answer all questions on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out our Latest News section and the websites of all activities to keep abreast of the latest developments.

Of course, you can keep asking us through our enquiries mailbox and the email addresses specified in each section.


Electronic mail: s.esport@ua.es

Those who signed up for these courses for the whole quarter will resume their lessons from Monday 15.
Paddle and tennis lessons resumed in early March.

Those who signed up for the remaining courses (and for the above courses, for the whole period during which they were suspended):

- If they paid the fee through the website, the proportional amount for the suspended lessons will be refunded to the card they used.

- If they paid the fee through the kiosk (POS at the entrance of the Sports Centre), they will have to send an email to s.esport@ua.es indicating the account number (IBAN) to which the refund is to be issued.

Holders of valid university sports cards during the period sports facilities were closed (21/01/21 - 14/03/21) has be granted an extension of the card’s validity period for the number of days it could not be used.


Email: s.esport@ua.es

A VOUCHER has been generated to compensate you for the time period during which instructor-led physical activities were cancelled and for the days of your University Sports Card you could not use.

The time period covered by this VOUCHER is from the declaration of the state of emergency to 31 March (for instructor-led physical activities) and to 30 June (for the University Sports Card).

You may use your voucher until the end of 2021 upon purchase of any activity, season ticket, sportwear, etc. offered by the Sports Service, provided that the amount is higher than the voucher. On your basket page, you will have to select the voucher (which will have a negative amount and show as a pending payment) and the service or product to be purchased. Once “Pay” is selected, you will be charged the difference between both amounts.

NOTE: Only available when using the KIOSK at the Sports Centre, not on the website.

If you prefer, instead of the VOUCHER, you can ask the Sports Service (s.esport@ua.es) to extend or activate your University Sports Card for the days not used.

USE OF FACILITIES (last updated on 13/06/2020)

Email: instalaciones.deportes@ua.es

UA sports facilities are gradually reopening.

All information on reopening is available on  this website.

Yes. All information on reopening is available on  this website.

All measures required and those determined by the Medical Service.

University community members are aware of the analysis of the situation and the measures that all those on the UA premises must comply with.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES – SPORTS SCHOOLS (last updated on 11/09/2020)

Information for the 2020/21 academic year:

Physical activities

Sports schools

TEAM TRAINING (last updated on 20/05/2020)

In general, University of Alicante teams will resume regular training as soon as we can ensure compliance with all requirements to protect athletes’ health, in line with any requirements set by the relevant bodies.

UNIVERSITY COMPETITION (last updated on 20/05/2020)

At the regional level, Valencia Region universities will jointly develop a competition calendar adapted to the current situation and context, considering all indications from the National Sports Council and any binding regulations.

Therefore, once the format and calendar of the competition are determined, the selection and training process of university teams will start, adapted to the new context and in compliance with all binding regulations. All information will be published on the website.

At the national level, the National Sports Council will be the organiser of the Spanish University Championships in 2021. The Council will also determine the conditions, format and calendar.

In this case, the University of Alicante will comply with the terms and conditions set by the National Sports Council for the University Sports Championships 2021, in order to participate and compete in the event.

FEDERATED COMPETITION (last updated on 20/05/2020)

University of Alicante federated teams will comply with the terms and conditions set by the National Sports Council, all binding regulations, and any regulations and requirements set by each federation for the 2020/2021 season.

The University of Alicante’s intention is that all federated teams can resume their activity once everything is ready.

Moreover, we are waiting for each federation to send us indications for the 2020/2021 season.

UA LEAGUES (last updated on 11/09/2020)

The University of Alicante will comply with the terms and conditions set by the relevant bodies in order to organise the UA leagues, adapted to the new context and in the format deemed more appropriate to continue our sports promotion efforts. All information will be published on the website.