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LATEST NEWS - News published in March 2011

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News published in March 2011
  • Wednesday, 30
  • entrance pavilion


  • Monday, 28
  • Track athletics


    Friday, 01/04/11, of 09 to 15 h

    By Day of Traditional Games of the Faculty of Education

  • Friday, 25
  • logo UA

    Ismael Lorenzo Sala en el Campeonato de España de Selecciones Autonómicas M20

    El jugador de la escuela de rugby de la Universidad de Alicante, Ismael Lorenzo Sala, ha sido seleccionado para formar parte del combinado de la Comunidad Valencia en la Categoría de M20, para disputar el Campeonato de España de selecciones autonómicas que se celebrará este fin de semana en Madrid los días 26 y 27 de marzo, en el campo de Orcasillas y Puerta de Hierro. Es la primera vez que un jugador de la Universidad de Alicante va a disputar dicho campeonato.

  • Milla Universitaria


    14 of April, from the 10 h


        Gift for all the participants

  • Wednesday, 23
  • hiking

    Routes of hiking 2010-11

    You can consult the record of the route of the next Saturday, 26/03/11 (Serra of Serrella)

  • Tuesday, 22
  • Karate


    Training preparatory of the CEU:

    Saturday, 02 of April, to the 10:30 h, in room martial arts of the UA

  • Friday, 18
  • hockey

    The German team UHC Hamburg in the UA

    Of the 21 to the 25 the UHC Hamburg, winner of the 2 last Euroligas masculine, will realise a pretemporada during this week in Alicante.

    Party: 24 of March to the 16.00h UHC Hamburg - Club of Field of Madrid, of Division of Honour, whose trainer is Xavi Arnau.

  • Thursday, 17
  • logo UA

    Announcement School of Summer 2011

    In the BOUA Of 17 of March, has published the announcement of the school of summer 2011 and the urgent announcement of the  job vacancies BT-01/11 to occupy places of monitors of the school of summer.

    All the information concerning the School of Summer 2011 will publish in the page


  • hiking

    Routes of hiking 2010-11

    Open term of registration for the fifth route (Sierra de La Grana, 15/04/11) (NOCTURNAL ROUTE):

    Of the 14/03/11 to the 13/04/11

  • Wednesday, 9
  • Futbol sala femenino

    The team of football feminine room of the UA enfrenta to the University of Seville in his fight by the Division of Honour

    During the party will place an urn to collaborate with the Spanish Association against the Cancer

    The team of football feminine room of the University of Alicante will beat next Saturday, day 12 of March, with the team of the University of Seville in a meeting that foresees intense. Both teams are rival direct in the fight by the promotion to the Division of Honour, although the alicantinas –after winning in the league CADU- keep leaders in the table ,The meeting, of free entrance, will take place to the 19:15 hours in the Pavilion of the UA.

    The expectancy of the party goes to be taken advantage of by the University of Alicante to show his facet more solidaria. In this occasion, of the hand of the Spanish Association against the Cancer (AECC) goes to place an urn so that, of voluntary way, can realise donations.

    Finally and to end to encourage to the afición to that they assist to the party, in the rest goes to sortear a bono trip in aeroplane for two people to any point of Europe with six nights of hotel.

  • Monday, 7
  • diaintdona

    International day of the Woman. 8 of March. Sport and Woman

    Sport and Woman

    Centre penitenciario Foncalent

    9 of March / 11:00 Parties of badminton

    Monitora: Sandra Chirlaque. They Will take part some interns and PAS of the University in some friendly meetings.

    9 of March / 12:00 Exhibition of dance

    Monitora: Mª Virtudes Reche. Exhibition of dance realised by some interns

    IES nº 5 of Saint Vicente of the Raspeig

    10 of March / of 10 to 12h

    Friendly parties of volleyball between the institutes of Saint Vicente, IES nº 5 and Gaia in juvenile category and friendly parties of childish category of the schools of volleyball of the IES nº 5.


  • Wednesday, 2
  • pool


    Monday, 07/03/11, of 17 to 20 h

    By classes of the Faculty of Education


    The closing affects to the free bathroom, no to the course of swimming

  • Tuesday, 1
  • Physical activities



    - Quarterly renewals: of the 1 to the 15 of March.
       (Only for the inscribed trimestralmente in the previous period).
    - Quarterly registrations:  from the 16 of March.
    - Monthly registrations:   from the 23 of the previous month.
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