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If you are a regular user of the sports facilities, the Sports Service recommend that you should use:

Consult also the new Daily-use pass (July and September)

University sportive card

What does it allow you to do?

  • The University Sport Card lets you use: gymnasium, swimming pool, athletics track, climbing wall (with a federal license), squash court, tatamiarea/flooring, tennis court, table tennis and changing rooms.
  • The quarterly membership for the swimming pool only allows you to have access to the swimming pool, during the free bathing time. It does not include practising other sports.

These cards are valid during the opening hours of the facilities, including weekends and holidays. They do not entitle you to any discount either on training courses or courses with a monitor

Por sustitución de calderas, del 4 al 29 de diciembre los únicos vestuarios con agua caliente serán los ubicados en los bajos de la pista semicubierta (tendrás que desplazarte hasta allí).

Por este mismo motivo, la piscina se cerrará del 4/12 al 07/01

How long will it be valid?

  • The USC is valid for one year from the issuing day (category 2: 6 months). It is important to consider that in August the sports facilities are closed.
  • The quarterly subscription is valid during the chosen quarter: October-December, January-March, April-June, July-September (closed in August).

How to get it?

  • Via the INTERNET (debit or credit card):
    • University community: via the UACloud (Sports >> Sign in)
    • Non-university users: click on the following link. Previously, you will need to be in our database and request a password. Both steps are carried out personally at the Registration Office by presenting identity document (identity card, passport...)
  • At the SPORTS PAVILION (in cash or by debit or credit card):
    • Virtual POS (machine at the entrance). If you are not registered in our database, will have to request it personally at the Registration Office by presenting identity document (identity card, passport...)


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