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Governing Board Agreement
February 28, 2002


The University of Alicante, as a public body, has the obligation to promote sport activity, as provided in Article 43.3 of the Spanish Constitution, which is reflected in Article 155 of the University Statute, by which students are granted with the right of promotion and the holding of sport activities in addition to the development of their university education. Furthermore, it establishes that "the University of Alicante will support the development of these activities with the funding and the equipment needed.."

In line with this legal framework, and within the university means,, Alicante University opts to develop a sports promotion model which encourages the participation of as many university students as possible through enabling the compatibility of sport activities with the curricula and recognizing those activities as free elective credits.

At a competitive level, the university sport system consists of a regional stage in which all the universities of the region take part In the Valencian Region, this stage is the Valencian Regional University Sports Championship (CADU). It qualifies for the Spanish Championship, which will be held where the National Sports Council determines. Performing a successful participation in these competitions would mean, of course, a sporti[ve](ng) prestige for the university at a national level. Most universities tie the granting of free elective credits, and even grants, to obtaining good results in national and even international competitions, especially in individual sports. Besides that, universities normally have teams in affiliated competitions, which also represent the University but with a different calendar, and which undoubtedly enhance the importance of the university when good results are achieved.

The granting of free elective credits for sport activities is not new in the University. The Committee for Special Courses and Free Elective Credits (CECLEC), at its meeting on May 8 2001, agreed to suggest (to) the Director of the Sports Secretariat " to consider the possibility of recognising free elective credits to students at the University of Alicante who participate in sports competitions representing this institution"

Also, in a survey conducted by the Sports Secretariat of the University of Alicante to university athletes who represented the university at the regional and national championships in the academic year 2000/2001, when asked which would be the best way of helping them, 26.68% answered the granting of free elective credits, well above those who preferred the granting of scholarships, which were 18.40%.

Once all the above has been stated, the Section I of this regulation provides a definition of university athlete and student-athlete, which are the targets of the advantages presented throughout the regulation, giving equal consideration to students who are instructors or promoters of sports activities because they are beneficiaries of the long-granted scholarships given by the Sports Secretariat.

Section II, "on the compatibility of sport activities with the academic", is aimed at effectively helping the students who will represent the University of Alicante in sports competitions so that they do not perform these activities to the detriment of their education, or vice versa. Thus, together with the positive evaluation of their status as university athletes for the resolution of applications for timetable, group and exam changes which match with their sports activity, the figure of the University Sports Coordinator at each Centre is established in order to serve as acommunication thread between the athlete and their teachers for combining both the academic and the sports life.

Section III, "on the granting of free elective credits," gathers a detailed regulation consistent with the own features of all the affiliated and university competitions. As an example, within the Valencian Regional University Sports Championship, it distinguishes between league competitions, which require competing for most of the academic course, and pre-match preparations, which are specific meetings and therefore require a different effort.

With this regulation, the top priorities above the sports results are participation, personal effort and commitment to the University, without which success and victory are impossible.


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